Summer Vacation

"It's almost like"
"you own the place..."
"So hot..."

"We're firing your works too."
"It's pretty much as hot as controlled burns, though..."

"Are we the earthenware firing club now or what...?"
"Well, earthenware does have holes, so..."

"Hole-Firing Club."
"Should we be the Hole-Firing Club from now on?"
"This is making less and less sense."

"Although, won't they get mad at us for this?"
"I was expecting that the other teachers would..."

"But it looks like they're too busy to bother, considering all the recent weird happenings and whatnot..."
"Um... shouldn't you be helping them, Ma'am?"
"Ah, a gator."

"Huh...? Ah! There's actually an alligator!"
"Look, just like this..."
"Uh, are we just ignoring it!?"